The Women’s March 2019 — and its tarnished background

On Saturday 19th of January thousands of women gathered all around the globe to march against gender inequalities and violences. Feminists took over the main streets of approximately 89 cities across the five continents, celebrating the third anniversary of the Women’s March. The rallies started in 2017, when U.S. women gathered to protest against their newContinua a leggere “The Women’s March 2019 — and its tarnished background”

A small town fought back racism, and won

Lodi is one of the smallest provinces in Northern Italy, with about 45.000 inhabitants. You can easily reach it with a 40 minutes car ride from Milan or with one of the many trains that every hour leave the Central railway station. It’s nice and cozy, one of those place you seldom read about inContinua a leggere “A small town fought back racism, and won”

Italy’s fight against Human Rights will come back to bite

On November 29th, 2018, something changed in Italy. The Parliament officially approved the Security and Immigration Decree which, among many directives, erases humanitarian protection from the country’s body of law and downsizes the SPRAR system, that linked together the many centers for protection and integration of immigrants dotted around the peninsula. According to the far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini thoseContinua a leggere “Italy’s fight against Human Rights will come back to bite”

Fact checking: ma davvero i rifiuti dell’Aquarius sono infettivi?

Martedì 20 novembre la procura di Catania ha aperto — di nuovo — un’inchiesta a carico dell’associazione internazionale Medici Senza Frontiere, accusata di smaltimento illecito di rifiuti: secondo il procuratore Carmelo Zuccaro i collaboratori della nave Aquarius, di proprietà di MSF e SOS Mediterranee, avrebbero smaltito in modo non consono alle procedure 24 tonnellate di rifiuti pericolosi negli ultimiContinua a leggere “Fact checking: ma davvero i rifiuti dell’Aquarius sono infettivi?”

What the Italian government is doing for women (Spoiler: NOTHING)

In June 2018, after months of negotiations and compromises, Italy started a new political journey with a two-party coalition composed by the Five Star Movement — a populist group created in 2009 by the comedian Beppe Grillo and now proudly represented by Luigi di Maio — and the League, a far-right party led by MatteoContinua a leggere “What the Italian government is doing for women (Spoiler: NOTHING)”

Why Italy has a problem with Tampon Tax

Since the average age of 12 girls from all over the world start experiencing the same symptoms once a month: cramps, headache, backache. They get their periods. And they buy tampons. In Italy a box of 14 pads costs approximately 4 euros. You can easily do the math: women buy an average of two packetContinua a leggere “Why Italy has a problem with Tampon Tax”

Italy’s deficit: a new recipe for the same old story

Originally published at on October 12, 2018. The Italian government approved a new budget plan last month that shocked the stock market and started a heated debate among its citizens. The plan sets the deficit target at 2.4 percent of the GDP, almost three times the goal of the previous administration. This makes Italy’s situation evenContinua a leggere “Italy’s deficit: a new recipe for the same old story”